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What We Do

What We Do

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Soft Fruit Growing and Distribution

The New Forest Fruit Company is a soft fruit growing business specialising in strawberries, asparagus and other small soft fruit. We grow, pack and distribute all our fruit to the leading UK supermarkets. Because of our privileged growing location and with the use of modern growing systems including a range of varieties, we have a very long picking season from March until the end of November.

Reliable and Consistent

All our crops are grown under protection; glasshouses for the first and last months of the season and polytunnels for the main season. Crop protection provides much better continuity of supply and better working conditions for our staff during inclement weather. 90% of our strawberries are also grown on a ‘table top’ system so that they are picked without the backbreaking bending often traditionally associated with picking.

Our packing and cold-store facilities have modern equipment including a computerised weighing system.

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Use of new technology is incredibly important in all that we do, first exemplified by moving away from soil grown strawberries to substrate grown in the very early stages of this evolution. Use of wet probe technology to monitor the substrate moisture and EC levels, to the use of temperature, humidity sensors in the field to open and close doors automatically. The list goes on, but we are continually looking to technology to improve quality going forward.

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